How Can You Add Some Front Door Extra Security To Your Property?

add front door extra security

As a homeowner, the chances are good that you are always looking for ways that you can make sure that our property is more secure. For some people, this will include adding a bit of front door extra security. If you are looking to reduce the chances that you will have a break-in and to give you added peace of mind, there are several measures that you can take, including:

Solid Core Doors

Some of the most secure doors that are available today include those with a solid core. This helps them to be sturdy in the event of a potential break or kick. A solid door will be one that sounds ‘dead’ when you hit it rather than hollow doors that will have more of an ‘echo’ sound. Good options include those that are solid wood, metal, fiberglass or have a wooden core.

Deadbolt Locks

If you have an exterior door without a deadbolt lock, this is a great investment. For front door extra security, be sure that the deadbolt will extend fully into the opening of the door-jamb, which should also be reinforced with the help of a metal strike plate. It is a good idea to be sure that the deadbolt does not have any exterior screws that are exposed. Having an exit-only deadbolt or a dead-lock installed will give you a keyhole and they can only be unlocked or locked from the inside of your home.

Door Lock Reinforcements

You should always take the time to reinforce any of the existing key locks that are currently installed on your doors. If you have a cylinder guard around the lock, it will help to prevent criminals from being able to wrench or pry the lock loose. Additionally, a hefty strike plate will ensure that it is more difficult for a burglar to try to kick your door in.

Note: Any strike plate should also have screws that are long enough that they can reach the studs for the door frame. What this does is ensure that the door is secure if you happen to have an attack.

There are many things that you can do to make sure that your interior is safe and that your front door is secure. Madrid Cerrajeros is the top cerrajeros baratos en Madrid and if you want to have a front door extra security or you want to ensure that your entire perimeter is safe and sound. Simply give us a call today and we can send a technician out to take a look.